Freedom Candidates – The Golden Standard

We are a nonpartisan group that trains and recruits FREEDOM CANDIDATES.

A FREEDOM CANDIDATE will fight for our family’s FREEDOMS by restoring the RULE OF LAW.   FREEDOM is our right to live under the Law without ILLEGAL GOVERNMENTAL seizures of our property, searches, spying, harassment or oppression.

Our FREEDOM is being stolen  by a Rogue Government, run by Rogue Politicians who ignore the Rule of Law with impunity.  They are like a huge Rogue Animal, with savage or destructive tendencies, that is trampling the people it once served. was created to form an army of FREEDOM CANDIDATES who will fight the Rogue Politicians to restore the Rule of Law and Freedom.  We’ll train anyone willing to serve our country as a FREEDOM CANDIDATE and walk them through the entire election processes.

As a voter, you are guaranteed that if someone passes our Golden Standards of Freedom, then they will fight tirelessly for your Family’s Freedom.